Heath & Charity is a one-stop referral to businesses and events that contribute to our overall physical, financial, and emotional well being, all while giving back to causes and our community.

Everywhere we go we encounter requests for donations to so many worthy causes that consumers are now experiencing “donor fatigue”. Health & Charity has created a program to help alleviate this issue by offering a variety of services at competitive rates that come with a built in donation – no need to spend more money, simply change where you do business. In turn, this also helps to promote and boost local business by creating a loyal customer base and provide the added business benefits that come with supporting charity.

Health & Charity does not accept donations - to learn more about our program and to get involved, please feel free to browse our website or contact us for more details.

This year's Thank You Gala in support of the CHEO Foundation will highlight three different CHEO stories. Allow us to introduce: Mighty Max!


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Dr. Darryl Young & Dr Tonja Stothart from Team Broken Earth talk about their partnership with Health & Charity for their upcoming spring gala.
Holly Ormsby & Michele Davis from Health & Charity provide details about their upcoming Support Our Troops Gala.

Our February 2018 fundraising efforts were a resounding success all thanks to you, our supporters. We hope you enjoy this video compilation of our last two events, which shares more about our why we work to give back!