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The Ottawa Christian School's mission is to educate children, equipping them for a life of faithful Christian discipleship and service. Our core values are as follows:

The Bible is foundational to how the OCS community (staff, parents, members, and students grow in learning) understanding and living in God’s world.

Our educational program recognizes and develops the student as a whole person – intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical.

We embrace the diverse God-given abilities of each student and provide a nurturing environment for them to reach their individual potential.

Our community, consisting of staff, parents, non-parent members, supporters and churches, is committed to helping students grow in their individual development for Christ’s purpose.

We are committed to providing a strong administrative and financial foundation for the on-going stability and growth of the school.

Following Christ and His example, we acknowledge that learning is for serving.

The vision of Ottawa Christian School is to enhance the education of a diverse student body through expanding programs, growing resources, and broadening support from the Christian community.