The Charities We Are Proud To Support


In 2006, the Fund was formally incorporated as The Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund and original Incorporation and establishment of the funds charitable status was completed. The original intent of the fund was designed to support all Canadian Forces members wounded on operations and to improve the general morale and welfare of the injured soldiers and their families. Care packages were rapidly replaced by the Padre’s Comfort Fund in Landstulh, which until December 2013, directly supported the soldiers and their families during their stay in Germany.

Today, we continue our legacy of care and compassion as the nation’s leading, wholly independent, Veteran’s charity focusing on mental health. Our innovative and wide-ranging programming, which will exceed 1.8M in 2017, is changing the lives of ill and injured Veterans, First Responders and their families. This is only made possible as a result of the compassionate trust and support of individual Canadians and Canadian businesses, enabling us to carry forward our guiding ethos: Honour the Fallen, Help the Living.


The Wings of Phoenix Association is a registered charity based in the National Capital Region. The charity was founded in 2001 by Glennis Easey and Dr. Pierre Turgeon, and is dedicated to providing team based brain injury rehabilitation for persons with an acquired brain injury (sports related injury, fall, stroke, aneurysm, anoxia, etc). When Glennis’ husband, Robin, a former Ottawa police officer, was shot in the head in September 1984, Glennis and Dr. Turgeon, who had been a key element during Robin’s journey after head injury, chose to dedicate a huge part of their professional lives to helping others who have sustained injuries to the brain.

The Wings of Phoenix Association is unique in that it is the only registered charity in the Ottawa area providing brain injury rehabilitation to individuals and their families who otherwise are unable to access treatment. Treatment costs continue to rise, and can be prohibitively expensive. While some individuals have coverage through their automobile or health insurance plans, many are left without any reasonable access to the physical, psychological and vocational rehabilitation so critical to their rehabilitation. The Wings of Phoenix Association is helping to provide rehabilitation services to individuals who do not have the financial means necessary to access this crucial support.


The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is the voice for cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario. Our mission is to help people living with cancer by providing local residents with increased access to person-centered care through the delivery of the Cancer Coaching Health and Social Care Service, innovative cancer research and a world-class clinical trials program.

We value leadership. We are entrepreneurial, forward-thinking and solution-focused. We constantly seek to improve ourselves, to develop expertise through which we can deliver tangible life-changing results for survivors. We believe that empowering survivors enables them to be leaders in their own way.

We value survivorship. We are respectful, passionate and inspiring. We know that each person defines survivorship in their own way. Therefore, we strive to increase access to personalized treatment and care.

We value partnership. We are open-minded and inclusive. We know that increasing survivorship requires collaboration on a massive scale, so we bring people and organizations together to work towards common goals.

Two decades ago, cancer was a very tough subject to talk about. In fact, most people were afraid to discuss it, and had a hard time coming to terms with the realities of the disease.

Today, we look at cancer in a whole new way. More and more people are surviving the disease, and are living longer.