The Team

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President/Founder - Michele Davis

Michele is a wife and mother of three beautiful children, Alyssa, Kaitlyn and Courtney. Her youngest Courtney was saved at CHEO in her first weeks of life. Unbelievably, Michele is also a survivor of stage 3 cancer. Since then, Michele and her husband Jeff have been fiercely passionate about raising money for causes near and dear to their hearts. They have personally pledged to raise over 1 million for CHEO in their lifetime. Michele and Jeff founded Health & Charity and work tirelessly with this amazing program to help all customers and businesses raise money for great organizations. For more information about Michele and to read her story, please visit Our Story.

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Managing Vice President - Holly Ormsby

Holly Ormsby is a military spouse with a passion for life, health, food, and philanthropy. Her family is often on the move with postings around Canada (home is where the army sends us), but Holly is a proud native of Ottawa.  With a background in English, business, and marketing, she has been able to find her niche with Health & Charity, an organization that can travel with her each time she moves. For more details about Holly, please read her full biography.


Partnership Ambassadors - Cille and Rob Harris

Cille and Rob are retired engineers, providing Real Alternatives for “Out Living the Dream”. As parents of four now independent sons, they have experience and access to resources to help other parents who may still feel responsible for an adult child. Cille and Rob are delighted to partner with Health and Charity as a vehicle to give back to the community. They pledge to give 20% of the profit from their direct sales businesses to parents who cannot afford treatments for their child or themselves. For more details about Cille and Rob, please read their full biography

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Fundraising Ambassador - Heather Young

Heather is a stay-at-home mom to three daughters, and she loves to read, travel, hike, bike, ski, run and most anything outdoors. She also loves socializing and meeting new people. Originally from Newfoundland but transplanted to Ottawa over 13 years ago, she now considers Ottawa home.  Heather is very excited to have found a way to build financial support for charities of our choice, with money we are already spending, all while make our homes safer for our families! For more details about Heather, please read her full biography

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International Fundraising Ambassador - Kate Pearson

Kate is an advocate for many of todays social issues as firmly believes that all human beings are equal and deserve the same chances and treatment in life. She attended the University of Ottawa for Conflict Studies and Human Rights to learn about inequality and the negative effects of capitalism and global development. Kate and her partner are constantly on the move for their work and she has the opportunity to meet and work with a vast assortment of people and businesses. She hopes to utilize her experiences and networks to share the wonderful work of Heath & Charity. For more details about Kate, please read her full biography