Everywhere we go we encounter requests for donations to so many worthy causes that consumers are now experiencing “donor fatigue”. Health & Charity has created a program to help alleviate this issue by offering a variety of contracted services at competitive rates that come with a built in donation – no need to spend more money, simply change where you do business. In turn, this also helps to promote and boost local business by creating a loyal customer base for those contractors and providing the added benefits that come with supporting charity.

When you choose a service through Health & Charity, 20% of your regular costs will to furthering fundraising initiatives, and half that amount is donated directly to worthy causes. As a consumer, you receive the high-quality service you require at competitive rates, with 10% of that rate going to fundraising, a 10% donation, and no extra cost to you! Contact us today for our full list of services, including:

  • Event Planning
  • Facilitating
  • Media Support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Translation