Sales and Sponsorship Manager - Vanessa Areneau


Vanessa was originally born and raised in the province of Quebec, in Canada. She moved in the province of Ontario to study in business administration at La Cité college. While at school, she was highly involved in the student community: She co-founded a student entrepreneurship club to help students develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, later she became student president of the college and was very dedicated to making the students' lifestyle more than just going to school. 

It's after college that the real journey started. Not really sure about what to do next, she decided to follow a dream that she always had in mind: move abroad. In September 2016, she moved in London, United Kingdom. That's when her life changed. Being completely outside of her comfort zone, she started seeing the world differently, she learned about other cultures as much as she learned about herself.

She realized that most people don't get much outside of their comfort zone, nor take action to go after things that they really want. It's easier to find excuses than working hard for it.

That's when she decided she wanted to make an impact. Inspire and empower others. Help people find that magic that's outside of our comfort zone and make our dreams come true.

Vanessa is very happy to work with Health & Charity, helping charities and businesses reach their goals.