What is Health & Charity?

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Heath & Charity is a one-stop referral to businesses and events that contribute to our overall physical, financial, and emotional well being, all while giving back to causes and our community.

Well, that sounds lovely - but what does it really mean?

Everywhere we go we encounter requests for donations to so many worthy causes that consumers are now experiencing “donor fatigue”. What if there was a way for consumers to maintain regular charitable giving without spending more money? What if local businesses could continue to raise their public profile without spending countless dollars on advertising and marketing? It sounds like an impossible utopia, but Health & Charity has created a program that does just that!

Health & Charity's program offers a wide variety of contracted services at competitive rates that come with a built in donation – no need to spend more money, simply change where you shop and do business. In turn, this also helps to promote and boost local business by creating a loyal customer base for those contractors, and provide the added benefits that come with supporting charity: instead of added advertising costs, the "referral fee" goes right back to furthering fundraising initiatives and donations. 

Throughout the year, Health & Charity hosts several events to raise awareness for the program and also give back to the community: all proceeds from these events are donated. Event planning is also one of the many services offered by Health & Charity, with an added charitable aspect. For example, each year a local business runs a big holiday party for their employees and this event is run by an event planner. We offer those same services at competitive rates, and with our many partnerships with local businesses and service providers, the holiday party now concludes with a donation going to charity. The employees have a great time, the companies image is enhanced in the community, and all at no extra cost to the business.

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While this main service and referral program is currently concentrated in Ottawa, Ontario, Health & Charity has partnered with several national organizations with the intent to spread this initiative across the country. No matter your location, if you would like to get involved, contact Health & Charity today.

Health, wellness, and fundraising - Health & Charity! Such a simple solution to donor fatigue, while offering safer products, local services, and income for people in our community.

Michele Davis