The Hero's Winter Snow-Ball

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There are so many people in our community who have pledged to dedicate their lives to helping others. These people are ready and willing to help on a moments notice, have put their lives on the line for our freedom, and they deserve our sincere gratitude. Health & Charity chose to host the upcoming Hero's Winter Snow-Ball as a way to thank our Veterans and First Responders for their strength, dedication, and their heartfelt commitment to helping others. 

This event will benefit three local organizations offering programs that provide a vast array of services including mental health, physical recovery, and senior care for those who so diligently care for us during an emergency: Women Warriors' Healing GardenH.E.L.P - the Hero's Equine Learning Program, and other Military and Veterans Programming.

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Women Warriors Healing Garden offers peer support, counseling, and education to female Veterans and First Responders living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in a safe, supportive environment. Their members plant and maintain a vegetable garden in Spring and Summer while receiving peer support and therapy. All of the produce of the garden is donated to an area Women's Drop-in centre.  The women also maintain a colony of chickens that provide fresh eggs weekly to the same centre throughout the entire year. In the Winter, members give workshops in canning and food security, as well as engaging the broader community with education and awareness about living with PTSD. Through this continuous cycle of engagement with nature, community, and peers, the Women Warriors' Healing Garden promotes an ecosystem of care for women living with the challenges of PTSD.

H.E.L.P - Hero’s Equine Learning Programa retreat assisting our military, veterans and first responders facing Post Traumatic Stress and Operational Injuries  through peer and equine based experiences. The retreat is a confidential, three-day peer based equine program for any service mender, veteran, or first responder who faces post-traumatic stress and operational injuries. The retreat includes all meals, accommodations and transportation. This program in not intended as therapy. The power of Equine Assisted Learning allows the participant to learn about themselves, process thoughts and influence behaviours. Providing a new possibility to stop and remember who they are. By partnering with horses, another powerful element is added to the experience. The fact that horses are big and powerful creates a natural opportunity for participants to overcome fear and develop self confidence.

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We hope you will join us at the Snow-Ball and take this chance to show your support: there are still tickets available. This event offers a fantastic meal, a silent auction with many fantastic items generously donated from local businesses and supporters, an introduction to the wonderful beneficiaries, and music to dance the night away. What an amazing way to say "Thank You" to those who care for us so diligently, everyday.