Kate Pearson

Kate, International Fundraising Ambassador

Kate, International Fundraising Ambassador

Kate is an advocate for many of todays social issues as firmly believes that all human beings are equal and deserve the same chances and treatment in life. She attended the University of Ottawa for Conflict Studies and Human Rights to learn about inequality and the negative effects of capitalism and global development. Her passion for justice, equality, and social responsibility have been important to her since she was a little girl.

One of Kate's earliest memories is waiting with her family to meet her new baby sibling, but no one came home that night. Instead, they all went to CHEO the next morning to visit her baby sister Courtney, who was lying in an incubator attached to all sorts of tubes and wiring, with a large portion of her internal organs wrapped up on top of her stomach with cling wrap. Courtney had been born with a rare birth defect called gastroschisis. CHEO's ground breaking facility and pediatric research kept Courtney alive and allowed her to grow up with her siblings as normal healthy children. To learn more you can read the full story on the About Us pace.

Courtney's birth was not the only time Kate would step through CHEOs doors. As an active, energetic, explorative and perhaps reckless child, Kate was back at CHEO for illnesses, fractures, allergic reactions, stitches, and glow in the dark casts over the following years. Later in life while traveling and teaching English at rural schools in South East Asia, she witnessed young children just like her drop out of school, suffer ongoing and permanent effects or disablement and even death from many of the same injuries, illnesses and preventable diseases that they had received treatment for. 

Today Kate and her partner are constantly on the move for their work and she has the opportunity to meet and work with a vast assortment of people and businesses. She hopes to utilize her experiences and networks to share the wonderful work of Heath & Charity.