Timothy laflamme - VP of operations


Timothy is a father, husband, teacher and mentor. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for music, helping businesses grow, and above all teaching financial literacy.

With over 15 years of working with corporate finance and banking with Canadian and American banks, his experience includes customer service, sales, fraud and anti-money laundering (AML), financial education (Certification: CSC®), client retention, risk adjudicator (Designation: CCP), mortgage underwriting, financial planning (Designation: CFP®, PFP®), debt consolidation reviews, estate and will planning, and life insurance (Certificate: LLQP).

Timothy has a passion for teaching financial literacy and has taught at a high level several years. A desire to teach financial literacy inspired him to start his own financial literacy training company - Laflamme & Associates (L&A). As a strong public speaker, he has conducted numerous speaking engagements in Canada and is open to international opportunities.

As an entrepreneur, he has had the joy of building new relationships and experiences. This has led to the operation of several companies and he has also helped guide several entrepreneurs to the path of success.